Does it hurt to get the HPV vaccine and what part of my body will I get the injection in?

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Injection with the HPV vaccine feels like any other shot, and there may be some soreness at the injection site for a day or so. If your skin turns red and a bit sore where you get the shot, don’t panic as this is perfectly normal!

Quick tip: Being relaxed can reduce the pain of the injection!

Redness, swelling and arm pain are common side effects of the HPV vaccine, as well as of many other vaccines. This should go away within a few hours to a day. If the pain or redness persists or you notice any other symptoms that are out of the ordinary, report this to your nurse or doctor.

What part of my body will I get the injection in?

The injection is given in the upper, outer part of the arm. This is where most common vaccines are given.

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