What does menstruation have to do with boys?

Answers to all those questions you were too embarrassed to ask

Understanding menstruation can help boys be more compassionate teachers, community leaders, brothers, sons and fathers. It also helps get rid of the unhelpful - and sometimes dangerous - myths that surround menstruation in many countries.

Here are some basic facts about menstruation:

What is menstruation?

During menstruation, often called 'getting a period', a small amount of blood comes out of a girl's vagina for around three to seven days. Menstruation is something that happens to all girls when they are in the process of becoming an adult. When they bleed, it means their reproductive organ is now active and that they can become a pregnant (when they have sex). Of course, it is always better for the health of mothers and babies to wait until a mother is an adult before having children.

Does it hurt? Like getting a cut?

Some girls experience muscle cramps or may feel sick. This pain comes because their body is shedding and squeezing menstrual fluid (blood) out.

Do boys menstruate?

No, boys do not get periods. This is because boy's bodies are different inside to girls'.

How can boys help girls during their periods?

As the boys grow up to become men, their bodies under goes changes. The same way, the girls’ body also undergoes changes. One of them is menstruation. Growing up and becoming a man means learning to support and respect those around you, including girls and women during their period. Boys should not tease or joke about menstruation and girls who have their period. Boys can educate themselves and their friends on puberty and changes, and talk to their mothers, sisters and friends, teachers, at clubs like the scouts ot school WASH Clubs about their experiences and how they can support them.

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