How Internet ready are you?

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Answer all questions by Yes or No - Mark your responses on a paper and go at the bottom of this article to find out the good answers!

Question 1. Someone is making fun of me on social media, is it OK to strike back? (Answer YES or NO)

Question 2. I logged in my friend account for only 2 minutes to have a look at their messages, is it OK? (Answer YES or NO)

Question 3. Someone is posting inappropriate messages on social media, is it OK to report them? (Answer YES or NO)

Question 4. I have met someone on the Internet and he/she is inviting me to come to his/her place, is it OK for me to go? (Answer YES or NO)

Question 5. Are messages about winning money on the internet scams ? (Answer YES or NO)

Question 6. I have received a message from someone I don’t know with a link, should I click on it to find out what it is? (Answer YES or NO)

Question 7. Is it OK to share my password if it’s only with my best friend? (Answer YES or NO)

Question 8. Is it OK to reuse information from the Internet for a school project ? (Answer YES or NO)

The Internet of Good Things