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What is Early Life Tips?

Practical tips and activities for parents, families, caregivers and health care providers

Early childhood is the time that sets a foundation for babies and young children to survive and develop to their full potential. During early childhood, babies and young children need good care and particular attention.

Good care also means keeping children safe from harm, and giving them love, attention, good health and nutrition, and many opportunities to learn. From birth, children learn important skills through constant and quality relationships with the ones who care for them. Therefore, Early Life Tips is for parents, families, caregivers and health care providers, to provide information about good practices that can improve young children’s health and increase their chances to develop and reach their full potential.

Early Life Tips is designed for anyone who is interested in learning the basics about young children’s essential needs from their very first moments of existence. It provides practical tips to help caregivers notice what young children need, when they need it, and how best to meet young children’s needs. It is designed to help families, parents, health providers and other caregivers who are trying to raise healthy and happy children establish the best relationship to prepare children for life.

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