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As a young person, what can I do to end violence in school?

You can act now!

For far too many students around the world, violence has become an everyday lesson, but together we can change the situation and create safe environments where children and young people can live and learn without fear.

If you are a student, or a young person, you can :

Remember that you are not alone. Do not keep your fears, concerns or questions to yourself. We know it can be difficult to tell another person about what is happening, because of shame or embarrassment, but you have a right to be safe! If it's difficult to talk about, try writing your experiences down and giving it to someone you trust to read or by sending/ posting/ dropping it anonymously somewhere a responsible/ trusted adult can see.

Submit your ideas right now by by visiting this page here

Develop a safety charter in your school, or make a ‘paperchain of promises’ to promote safety

Do a school safety walk and a student-led action plan

Create a community map and action plan

Campaign to make schools safer in your country.

If you need guidance on how to set up a project and a team in your community you can read our “GenUnlimited Future is yours” content on Internet of Good Things. You can access the "GenUnlimited - Future is yours" content by clicking here

Mark your school/ country on this Global Map (external link, data charges may apply) to demonstrate to world leaders that young people are taking action to combat violence!

Don’t let violence be an everyday lesson. Demand change to #ENDviolence in schools.

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