sexual abuse

What is sexual abuse?

Learn how to recognize signs and how to protect your child.

Sexual abuse of children can happen in different ways. It can include having sex with a child, exposing or touching a child’s private areas for pleasure, making a child touch his or her private parts or an adult’s private parts, or making the child watch pornography.

How do you know if a child has been sexually abused?

It is important to watch out for signs that abuse may have happened. These signs can include having nightmares or trouble sleeping, wetting the bed, being angry or scared, eating problems or behaving in a sexual way.

What should you do if you find out a child has been sexually abused?

How can you protect your child from sexual abuse?

Around the time they become teenagers, talk to them about sex and contraceptives such as condoms. It is much better to discuss these topics, even if it feels awkward or embarrassing. Teenagers who talk to their parents about protection and sexually transmitted diseases are more likely to practice safe sex than teenagers who do not.

If children know and understand their bodies, it will help them to know if someone is trying to abuse them and report it. Later in life, it can also help them make more informed decisions about safer sex.

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