three tips

Where to start?

Three tips to help find your cause

Your community needs you to become a doer. To be part of fixing nagging problems.  Whether you have loads of ideas or are still struggling to find a cause, here are some tips to help you start changing your world for the better:

  1. Pick an issue close to your heart: being emotionally invested in a cause will definitely help keep you motivated so pick something that is important to you.
  2. Don't try to do too much: decide on a few priorities and keep your actions really focused. This is the best way to be effective.  You might have a general interest in children, but that's too broad. Instead, concentrate on something specific like child labour or education. If you're keen to tackle health issues, think about the main problems in your community. Is it HIV/AIDS? Women's health?
  3. Be even more specific: once you've identified the issue you are interested in, narrow it down even further! Here are some great examples:

Now it's your turn. Go and change the world!

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