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Having Fun at Home

Here are ideas for activities you can at home that require very few supplies and that will make make time at home more fun!

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Story in Pictures

  • Think of a story you enjoy hearing or telling. It can be a true story, a traditional story, or a story you invent.
  • Think of six important scenes in the story, including the beginning and the end.
  • Fold a piece of paper into six squares. Draw the six important scenes in the boxes.
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Find Poetry

  • Spend a day listening to the things that you hear people around you say. Write down the words, phrases or sentences you overhear.
  • Create a poem by putting the words, phrases or sentences together in any order you like.
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Happiness Jar

  • Gather positive messages about life and happiness from books you have read, adolescents or adults in the community. Add your own creative ideas for positive messages.
  • Write each message on a small piece of paper and put them into a jar.
  • Each morning pull one quote from the jar and read it to yourself or others.
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Recycle Mosaic

  • Find old magazines and newspapers, plastic bags of different colors, or scraps of fabric.
  • Cut them into small squares, around 1cm/1cm.
  • Make a picture by gluing squares onto a piece of paper.
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Imagine a Better Place

  • Choose a place in your community.
  • Imagine what would make it a better place for adolescents.
  • Draw a picture to show your vision.
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Imagine an Invention

  • Think of a problem that you face every day. It can be a big problem or a small problem.
  • Imagine an invention that would make the problem better or solve it.
  • Draw a diagram of the invention you imagined. Write an explanation so other people can understand how it would work.
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Bird's Eye and Bug's Eye

  • Imagine what a place in your community looks like through the eyes of a bird flying above or sitting high in a tree. Draw a picture of what it would see.
  • Imagine the same place from the point of view of an ant or a beetle standing on the ground. Draw a picture of what it would see.
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Picture Frames

  • Find pebbles, scraps of paper or plastic, glue, and large rectangular pieces of paper or newspaper.
  • Glue pebbles, scraps or paper or plastic around the border of the large rectangular pieces of paper. Let it dry.
  • Cut out the centre of the paper and use it as a picture frame.