Dear Sarah*- having your period is normal.

Dear Sarah*, (a girl who has just started menstruation/their period)

I hope this letter finds you in good health.

We're doing well too. Someone in our group started their period and its not been and easy journey for them. We know you also started your period too, so we thought you might find this information valuable.

When your period begins you should not be surprised if you experience the following

  • cramps
  • mood swings
  • tiredness
  • back pains
  • headaches

Do not fear because all this is normal.

Take the following precautions

  • buy pads/tampons or menstrual cups ( whatever is available to you)
  • make sure you constantly keep good hygiene
  • ask where you are in doubt and always remember that this is the pride of a female

We wish you well and hope to hear from you soon


Alice Nandi Jere

Jabulani Muchindu

Gracious Mulauzi

Twange Brandon Tembo

Micko Phiri

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